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How to connect USB-WIFI modem to Liqvid box
How to connect USB-WIFI modem to Liqvid box
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0. Connect all devices to power and to each other

* TV or monitor

* Liqvid Box

1. Put a SIM card in a USB-WiFi modem, Digma Dongle WiFi DW1961 modem example:

2. Connect USB WiFi modem to any USB port of Liqvid Box:

* After turning on the modem for the first time, configure the WiFi network in the modem, change the network name if necessary, and set a new password. In our case, we will use the network name Liqvid, the password is any of 8 characters, for example: I LOVE LIQVID

* to connect to the Liqvid network, you must configure the connection to this network by following the mini-instruction:

3. Launch the Liqvid Live app:

* go to the desktop using the House button on the remote control (remote control included);

* launch the Liqvid Live app:

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