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How to make a playlist
How to make a playlist
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Step 1

Go to the Playlists

Step 2

Click on the big red plus sign in the bottom right corner

Step 3

Type playlist name

Step 4

*Add media using the Add more media button

*Add TV channels using the Mix with TV channels button

Step 5

Select the desired item to add media

Step 6

Move media using the Move media button (by pressing and moving this button down or up)

Step 7

Change the duration of playing pictures and links using the “Duration” option (by clicking on the pencil button)

Step 8

Upload media to a display by clicking on the Select screens button

Step 9

Select the necessary screens\screen and click on the Publish to screen button

Additional options for working with playlists:

*Edit playlist

*Publish playlist

*Delete playlist

*The playlist will play on repeat, when editing the playlist, be sure to re-Publish it

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