What happens if a charge for my subscription fails?

Automated emails will be sent to you. If no action is taken, your TV screens will eventually stop playback.

We want to make sure that charge failures do not disrupt your deployment. Monitors are usually set up in public spaces, so we want to be careful and discreet. But unfortunately if no payment is received the automatic notification will appear on the unpaid screen.

If a charge fails, an automated email will be sent to your designated email address notifying you of the problem and urging you to take action. We will keep sending these emails every day.

If the charge cannot be completed within 5 days, we will automatically display a red image for 2 minutes every 2 hours to alert you of the issue.

If the charge cannot be completed within 2 weeks, we will automatically downgrade your account to a free account with its limitations.

At any point, you can prevent this by logging in and updating your billing details.

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