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How to make a video or poster very quickly and easily with Vista Create
How to make a video or poster very quickly and easily with Vista Create
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Vista Create makes video and poster creation effortless. The platform offers user-friendly tools and customizable templates. With drag-and-drop functionality, you can easily design videos by adding media, text, transitions, and music. Similarly, designing posters is a breeze with customizable templates and a variety of editing options. Vista Create empowers users to create impressive videos and posters, regardless of their design experience.

You'll be able to make your best creations without leaving Liqvid. Use your background videos or images to add the price, promotions and discount information you need.

How to open the Vista Create widget

You can open it when adding media

Or open the widgets section and select Vista Create

Log In or Create your Vista Create account

If you don't already have a Vista Create account, create one. Follow the instructions to create an account. If you already have an account, simply sign in.

Get started with your video

You can choose from thousands of ready-made templates. Just find what you need. Usually it's a ready-made animation or video where you just need to change the text or add additional information.

Use embedded videos and images.

In Vista Create, you can find thousands and thousands of videos or images you need to create your best poster or video.

Use your videos or images

You can use your own videos or images to create your offers or promotions. Simply drag and drop your media into the window with Vista Create.

Add all the information you need for your customers

Write the gist of your offer, the amount of a discount, or the cost per item, and your new video is done.

The last step is to add your video or poster to Liqvid

When your design is ready, all you need to do is upload it to Liqvid. This is very easy - just click Save and follow the instructions.

How to use your designs and where they are stored

At any time, you or your designer can open your designs and change the information you need. All your designs are stored and available not only in your Liqvid account, but also in your Vista Create account. Just open Your Projects and you will see all your designs. Want to keep working with them? Just open and change what you need.

Note that your designer can create a video or poster for you in your Vista Create account. This design will then be available in your Liqvid account. To do this, you need to use the same account when you open Vista Create in Liqvid and in Vista Create itself -

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